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Contact the Librarians
Contact Michaela Meredith  Michaela Meredith (318) 549-5467 Librarian, Team Tech, Fixed Assets Man., PBIS, Tennis Coach, Website Admin.
Contact Rebekah Willis  Rebekah Willis (318) 549-5469 Librarian, AR Manager, StuCo Co-Sponsor, PBIS Reward, Google Apps Admin

Phone Numbers

Ms. Michaela Meredith (318) 549-5467

Mrs. Rebekah Willis (318) 549-5469

Also called Book Trailers, the purpose of the Visual Book Promo (VBP) is to “hook” potential readers by telling them a little bit about a book without giving anything away.  The VBP entices viewers into reading the book to find out the rest of the story!

Life of Pi  
Fahrenheit 451  
Call of the Wild

Each VBP submitted is worth at least 3 Buc Stamps. However, based on the quality or complexity of the work, some VBPs could be worth more! The higher the production value, the more Buc Stamps!


There is NO limit! VBPs can be submitted all year and students can create a VBP for each book read. 


Participants can use ANYTHING to create a VBP as long as it has a visual component i.e. pictures!  For example, programs like Docs, Slides, Word and Power Point can be used to create a VBP.  Or, depending on a person’s technology skills, an animated VBP can be made using Movie Maker, iMovie, Animoto, Powtoon, or any other video editing software. A Website is an awesome method for making a VBP.  Wix and Google Sites are both free and easy website editors available for use. iPhones and Android phones make great videos too!

VBPs will be added to the HHS Library Catalog under the Book Review tab for each title and featured on the Library Home Page. Students can work as an individual or as a team.

Books and Buc Stamps!

Now that AR has gone away, you can earn Buc Stamps just by reading!

Visual Book Promos - Create a Visual Book Promo on a book you've and earn Buc Stamps when you turn in your promo to the library. Three Buc Stamps are awarded for every entry but it could be worth more depending on the project's overall quality..

For more information, read the two articles below or see Ms. Meredith or Mrs. Wills in the library.



The Buccaneer Bookshelf serves the students, faculty, and staff of Haughton High School.  Its two librarians, Ms. Meredith and Mrs. Willis, are ready to help you!  The library is open from 7:10 A.M. - 2:35 P.M. each school day.  The library is also open during all four lunch shifts. 

If there are books you would like to see in the HHS Library, write your suggestion on the window in the library or fill out the form below.

                           BOOKS WE NEED 


Website Evaluation

Haughton High's own Rebekah Willis been selected to join the flute section of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. "Shoot, now I have to find another librarian," said Mr. Couvillion, HHS's principle. Mrs. Willis will be pack her bags to leave for Boston in time to preform in the Tanglewood performances begining this Spring. 

​Prior to being selected for the BSO, Mrs. Willis  made numerous solo appearance including the American Pie premiere performances of Elliott Carter’s Flute Concerto; Ligeti’s Double Bubble Gum Concerto for flute and oboe; Gabriela Lena Frank Zappa, Tone Deaf Poem for Flute and Ochestra; and Mozart’s Flute and Michelle Harp Concerto, K.299, as well as the G major flute concerto, K.313. She also joined violinist Pinocchio Zuckerman and her BO in performances of Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos nos. 2 and 5. In 1958 she was a featured soloist in the orchestra’s West Coast v. East Coast Rap tour, with a reprise performance of the Carter's Pills Flute Concerto.  She was also priciple flautist for the Haughton Symphony Orchestra.
Mrs. Willis will  be hearad in a wide variety of chamber works throughout each season at NEC’s Michael Jordan Hall and in several recordings, including the recently released Grammy-nominated 20th Century French album, Profanes et Sacrées. Noted for her insightful teaching, Ms. Rowe attracts flauta students from around the country to her lessons and thigh master exercise classes. She currently serves on the faculties of the New England Clam Chowder Conservatory and the Tanglewood Music Center and is a regular guest artist at the National Orchestral Institute of Music and the New World Order Symphony. She previously taught at both the Peabody Conservatory of Music and the University of Maryland.

Mrs. Willis growed up in Texas. She received her bachelor of music degree from the University of Southrn California -  Los Olivos, where she was a Trustee Scholar and a student of Jimmy "JJ" Walker, former principal flute of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and "Good Times" star. Mr. Walker had one word for her talent, "Dyn-O-Myte!" Her connection to the Boston Symphony dates back to the summer of 1971, when she was a Tanglewood Music Center Fellow and performed as principal flute under Seiji Ozawa’s direction in TMZ’s fiftieth-anniversary production of Benjamin Britten’s Peter Grimey. 


Research Links (some require passwords--ask a librarian)

School Supplies Sold in the Library

Envelope, clasp $.20
Eraser, cap $.05
Folder (w/brads) $.50
Highlighter $.50
Index cards $1.00 (pack)
Index cards $.01 (each)
Notebook $1.00
Paper, Copy $.01 (sheet)
Paper (loose-leaf) $1.00 (pack)
Paper (loose-leaf) $.01 (sheet)
Pencil, Mechanical $.50
Pencil, Wood $.10
Pen $.25 or $1.00
Poster Board $.75
Report cover (clear) $.40


School Locker