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Attendance & Tardies

Attendance Requirements

In order to be eligible to receive grades, high school students shall be in attendance a minimum to 83.5 days per ninety-day term.  See the Bossier Parish School System Student Handbook for details.

In schools utilizing a 4 X 4 block schedule, a one Carnegie unit course is completed in one 90-day term.

Parents are now able to view student absence and tardy information when logged in to School Loop. Attendance information for the previous five days appears on the student's dashboard.  First, login on the HHS homepage. Parents can choose to click the "All Attendance" button to reveal the student's absence and tardy data for the entire school year.

It is important to note that most absences and tardies are initially entered as "unexcused." Later, that absence or tardy may change to "excused" once the student turns in paperwork at the school office.

To take advantage of this feature, parents must be registered in School Loop. Simply select "register" on the HHS homepage and follow the instructions.

If you have questions about absences or tardies for your student, please contact the HHS office at 549-5450. 

Absences, Admits, and Check-in and Check-Out Procedures

In order to be eligible to receive grades, high school students shall be in attendance a minimum to 83.5 days per ninety-day term.  See the Bossier Parish School System Student Handbook for details.

     Upon returning to school after an absence, the student should bring documentation for the absence.  If a student has an original doctor’s excuse or funeral documentation, they need to report to the office before school, during lunch shift, or upon checking in to school to get an “Excused” absence admit (day does not count and student is allowed to make up work).  All other absences should be documented by parent notes and should be turned into his/her 1st block teacher, who will issue an "admit" to the student. Parents should understand that a note from home does not delete an absence. Students without a note or who have been suspended from school may makeup work; however, students may not receive full credit but should not receive less 75% of earned credit. (This is at the teacher’s discretion.)  When a student is absent from school, he/she may not come back for after-school practices of any kind unless he/she has a doctor's excuse or the absence is otherwise excused through the office (i.e. school-sponsored field trip).  Note:   There are no authorized “skip days.”   

     If parents know in advance that their son/daughter will be absent, will check in at a later time, or will need to check out, they should call and inform office personnel at 549-5450.  If parents do not call, they should send a note, including a phone number where they can be contacted at the time the student needs to check in or out. Students who are ill need to let their teacher know.  If the teacher deems it necessary for the student to check out of school, he/she will notify the office. Parents will be contacted at that time for their permission for the student to check out. Anytime students are absent for 45 minutes or more of a class due to checking in or out, they will be counted absent for that class period. Students arriving at school after school starts must sign in showing the date, time, and their six-digit “edutest” number, then students are sent to class with a tardy or check-in slip.  Parents will be called on every check-in.  After checking in, students should report immediately to class.  Students will not be admitted to class without a tardy or check-in slip. Once a student comes on campus, he/she is officially at school and must follow checkout procedures through the main office to leave the campus. Students will be given a check-out form with the specified time of checkout. There will be no check-outs during a student’s lunch shift or after 2 pm.  Students who are absent or check out of school must bring a parent note or a doctor’s excuse when they return to school.  If a parent allows his/her son/daughter to check out of school, he/she will only be allowed to check back into school in the same school day if the parent personally brings him/her back to school, or if he/she has a doctor’s excuse, or has documentation for attending funeral of a close relative.  Faxed doctor’s excuses or parent notes are not accepted.  See the Bossier Parish School System Student Handbook for more information on written excuses.


Because the academic achievement of students is directly related to the amount of instructional time received, it is imperative that students get to class on time. Tardies will accumulate on a per block basis for each 9 weeks.  Once the tardy bell rings, no student will be admitted to any classroom without a tardy slip.  Students will report to the office in the H-building (“Tardy Central”) to get their slip for being tardy.  Each student is given 2 free tardies each 9 weeks (not two per class). Punishment begins on the 3rd tardy as follows: 3rd tardy—1 day detention, 4th tardy—2 days detention, 5th tardy—3 days detention, 6th tardy—GASP, and on/after 7th tardy, the student will face suspension from school.  Students will be assigned detention at the time of receiving their tardy slips.  The student must attend on the next scheduled day(s) of detention following the day of the tardy.  It is the student’s responsibility to notify his/her parents that he/she has been assigned detention.  Students who do not serve detention days for tardies will be suspended from school.  Tardies will start over at the beginning of each 9 weeks.

Students who are habitually tardy to school (1st Block) will lose their driving privileges for a given period of time.   Administrators will make contact with parents of those students who ride with them, in order to reduce the number of tardies.

Haughton High School has adopted a single definition of a tardy, to avoid any confusion in this matter.  The definition is as follows: If a student is in the hall or outside the classroom when the tardy bell sounds, that student is tardy.  Ifstudents use any other means of transportation other than school bus, regardless of the circumstances, tardies will be unexcused.  Students who deliberately check in late to avoid a tardy will receive both an absence and a tardy.

Attendance Secretary

Croft, Donna
Attendance Secretary

Mrs. Croft

Mrs. Croft

Mrs. Croft's Phone #

(318) 549-5451

Tardy Central Secretary

Faulkner, Pam
Tardy Central / Coach

Mrs. Faulkner

Mrs. Faulkner

Mrs. Faulkner's Phone #

(318) 549-5557