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Stephanie Meyer Locker

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Stephanie Meyer

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My Teaching Philosophy

As an educator, I realize that teaching and learning are not limited by the ringing of the bell; instead, it goes on constantly.  In today’s society, I think it is important for us to teach our children more than what can be looked up in a book. They need to establish pivotal character traits that allow them to attain a job, work well with others and handle responsibilities.

It is important for the students to be able to observe in me the character traits that the school is striving to instill in them.  In order to accomplish this, I strive to consistently be honest, but optimistic; relaxed, but hardworking; self confident, yet capable of respecting adolescents; and understanding and compassionate, but able to maintain control in the classroom. 

I promote and encourage self-esteem in my students.  With this in mind, I use verbal praise and rewards, so long as there is justification of an educational value of the reward. I also keep in contact with my parents to establish a relationship with the entire family.  I expect excellence from all my students because I believe each and every one of them is capable of achieving excellence. To accept any less is only hurting my students and their sense of what they are capable of.

I am aware that the adolescent life can be filled with drama.  I believe that when you truly love and care for your students, you allow them to solve their own problems and fix their own lives. After all, as teachers we should want our students to learn…what do they learn when we take away their life lessons by solving their problems for them? I wish for all my students to take responsibility for their actions and their choices. I regularly remind students that the only person they can control in any situation is themselves. I secretly desire for all my students to realize that they have the power to change the course of their life with a single decision…the decision to take control of their destinies.

I believe it is my job to hold students accountable for following the rules of the school, because when they graduate from school they will be expected to follow laws, and the consequences for breaking laws are much more severe than afternoon detention. I expect my students to develop their own moral codes, whether the basis for their personal code is their religion or the law or “the golden rule” is irrelevant to me as long as they can explain why they believe their actions or the actions of others are right or wrong.

It is crucial to me that I am more concerned with student-thought and outside-the-box learning experiences than the regurgitation of force-fed facts.  No matter how much students resist actually thinking, it is imperative that I force this activity, if needed. If students are not reflecting on what they have learned and realizing their educational gains, how can we ever expect them to reflect on the other experiences in their lives?

In conclusion, I think it is my duty to provide my students with memorable learning experiences, and the self esteem, and self awareness required to become well rounded citizens of the world.  I strive daily for my classroom to have the capacity to brighten the lives of my students.


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Current Assignments


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My Education

2001     LA Tech University      Bachelor of Arts - Journalism (major)/ English (minor)

2005     Centenary College     Teaching Certification 

2009     Centenary College     Master of Arts in Teaching

2009     National Board Certification - Career and Technical Education/Early Adolescence through Young Adulthood