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2014-15 Highsteppers

2014-15 Highsteppers


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Danceline Basics

Haughton Highsteppers is the school danceline and is comprised of young ladies in 10th -12th grade.  The Highsteppers perform at all home football & basketball games and pep rallies and participate in at least one competition per year.  The Highsteppers have several events throughout the year in order to raise funds for competition expenses, including the annual Lil' Steppers Clinic. 

Highsteppers 2014-2015

Captain: Skylar Weinreber

Co-captain: Victoria Grillo

Lieutenant: Jackie Widder

Lieutenant: Madison Farquhar

Lieutenant: Kacie Wilkinson

Social Officers: Bethanie Couch (Chaplain), Brittany Western, & Elaine Lloyd

Line Members:

Ariyon            Archey

Jasmine            Carwile

Hanna            Case

Shelby            Cooper

Kaylie             Couch

Katelyn             Ezernack

Casady            Hudson

Paige            Lowery

Kaleigh            Madden

Mollie             Morris

Paige            Patton

Jamie            Phillips

T'keyah            Poole

Makenzie            Rains

Amanda             Simmons

Katerina            Wiggins

Congratulations to our new members & our returning old members