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Student Council Locker

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Overall Results 2015


More Thanks!

Thanks to our administrators and class sponsors who helped with the after school activities. 

Thanks to the judges who worked with the door and parade contests.
Thanks to our custodial staff who did extra work on behalf of Homecoming preparation. 
Homecoming Week takes a lot of preparation and work on the part of many people.  Thanks to all of you!

BUC Boards 2015

Buc Boards 2017

Any violation of the following guidelines will result in point deductions or immediate disqualification from the competition.  The BUC Boards will not have a specified theme this year but will need to incorporate the overall Homecoming Theme (ex. Bucky's Disney Adventure); in addition, the graduation year should not be included anywhere on the BUC board.  Lastly, the sponsor must submit the class’ two slogans in writing to Mona Duncan, Sarah Marks, or Rebekah Willis by Wednesday, Sept. 27th at 2:30p.m.  Failure to do so will result in disqualification of the Buc Board.

  1. Work on Buc Boards will begin Monday at 2:45 P.M. in the girls’ gym.  Work beginning before then will be the cause of immediate disqualification.
  2. Work will stop Monday at 5 P.M. and resume Tuesday at 2:45 P.M.  Work will stop Tuesday at 5 P.M. and resume Wednesday at 2:45 P.M.  Work must be totally finished by Wednesday at 5:00 P.M.  Student Council sponsors will be available for supervision and support. Haughton Police have been hired for security, as well.    
  3. The Buc Boards will be mounted to a ten- to twelve-foot long trailer Thursday after school.  The trailer and its transportation must be provided by the class. All Buc Boards must be in the HHS student parking lot by 4:30 P.M. Thursday to get in the parade line-up. 
  4. Each class will receive $100 from Student Council and $100 from the school’s general fund to purchase supplies.  The Student Council will provide the actual Buc Board base for each class.
  5. The Buc Board base is 6’ tall by 8’ wide.  The maximum allowable height or width added to the Buc Board base is two feet; for height, the extra two feet must be composed of a flexible or removable material.  PLEASE NOTE:  The Buc Board must be able to get out of the gym to be loaded onto the trailer.  Keep this in mind when planning and executing your Buc Board design.
  6. No mechanical or moving parts will be allowed on the Buc Boards.
  7. Only components (ex. tissue paper, chicken wire, garland, etc.) may be purchased.  Decorative edging used to cover the trailer may also be purchased.
  8. Materials used may include paper products, hot glue or washable glue, tape, washable tempera paint.  You may not use glitterNo spray adhesive may be used.   All work on Buc Boards must be done by the students of the class, but only sponsors will be allowed to use box cutters or Exacto knives.  Violations will be subject to a penalty.
  9. No one may ride on the Buc Boards during the parade.  This will result in point deductions from the class’s point total.
  10. No students will be allowed to drive in the parade.  No All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) will be allowed in the parade.  RTVs are allowed.
  11. After the parade, the Buc Boards will be placed in the south end zone on the football field. Immediately after the football game on Friday night, the classes are responsible for removing all paper from the Buc Boards and helping to move the Buc Board bases into the tractor shed. Failure to meet the clean-up deadline will result in contest point reduction.

Penny Drive 2017

All proceeds this year will go to Christmas the Buccaneer Way to help families in need in our community.  

Door Decorating Contest 2017

Each 1st block class may decorate one single classroom door (approximately 6’8” x 4’). The door should include the Homecoming theme in some way; Mrs. Duncan will e-mail teachers on Monday (Oct. 2nd) and ask for participating classes so they may be evenly divided for judging.  1st block classes are responsible for obtaining the materials they will need. Decorations for the door may be made ahead of time, but may not actually be attached to the door until first block Wednesday (Oct. 4th).  Doors are given more points for handmade decorations.  You may decorate one door only (not double doors or adjoining glass).  Judging will take place during 2nd block Wednesday.  There will be a winning class picked from each of the designated groups.  The winning classes of each group will receive a pizza party.

Door Decoration Contest 2015

Door Decorating Contest Winners 2014