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Out of District Transfer Guidelines

Out of District School Transfer Guidelines 2017-2018

The new 2017-2018 Out of District Forms (pastel green) will be in your school/center before May 1, 2017. Please do not distribute before May 1, 2017. Forms should be placed where parents can easily access them. A web announcement is attached if you choose to publish on your school’s web page.


  • Parents may not return forms to the school. Forms shall be mailed or delivered to Central Office/Annex II.


  • Employees may greenbox their forms, but they are responsible for ensuring the forms are received at central office by the deadline. All employees residing outside of Bossier Parish shall obtain a release from their home parish and attach it to the form.


  • Please note employee privilege is only given to custodial parents (not grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.) unless they have a court order signed by a judge.


∙       M/M deadline is June 2, 2017; all other requests are due July 18, 2017. Deadlines will be strictly adhered to unless there are extenuating circumstances.


∙       Reasons 2-6 on form must have an attached detailed explanation of why the parent is requesting the transfer. If a form is not completed or the explanation is not attached, it will be returned to the parent.


∙        Each form will be processed on an individual basis according to guidelines.


∙       School contracts may be written for reasons 2-6. A Majority to Minority student cannot be placed on a contract. If discipline or attendance concerns arise with a majority to minority student, it is to be handled as any other infraction in your school.  


∙       Appeals to the out of district decision may be submitted in writing to Bettye McCauley, who will review the information provided and make a determination based on guidelines.


  • Please obtain a current proof of residency for each student that feeds into your school from another school. Ex. All sixth graders, all ninth graders and any elementary schools receiving students from another school.  Any new enrollee must provide documentation of current residency which may also include an affidavit.


  • When any out of district student moves during the year, this office must be contacted to determine his/her eligibility.


For questions call

Judy Willcox at 5040 or Courtney Harvey at 5034