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School Policies

Administering Medications

Consult the Administering Medications at School document in the Locker at the right...

The State of Louisiana form referenced in the document is also in the Locker at the right.

Assignment Requests

     A student must request missed assignments within three (3) days of return from an excused absence. Teachers assist with make-up work, but it is the student's responsibility to take the initiative for making up work. It is recommended that the student obtain assignments from other students in the class while absent from school. The guidance office cannot obtain assignments for students absent for fewer than 3 consecutive days.

     Students are eligible for the homebound program offered by Bossier Parish if they will be out of school for 3 weeks or more. When a physician certifies that the student is expected to be at home or hospitalized for at least 15 school days, a student may apply for this program. Parents may obtain forms from the guidance office. Our counselors may advise you concerning this program, but parents must apply for homebound services. The administrative staff will assist parents in getting the textbooks from lockers.

Cellular Telephones and Other Electronic Devices

No student, unless authorized by the school principal or his/her designee, shall use or operate any cellular telephone, personal computer, laptop, electronic instrument, iPad, iPod, tablet device, e-readers, or similar devices during the normal school hours of operation in any Bossier Parish school building, on the grounds thereof, or in any school bus. Normal school hours can include detention: before, during or after school. Violation of this policy shall be grounds for disciplinary action by the school, including, but not limited to, suspension and/or expulsion from school.

If a student’s cell phone is seen, heard, or used during the normal school hours of operation, the phone will be confiscated and turned in to the appropriate administrator. At the first offense, the parents will be contacted and required to come to the school and retrieve the device. Upon subsequent offences, the student may only have his/her phone returned by paying the designated fines:

Second offense: $15 (the phone is kept until the fine is paid and the parent retrieves the phone from the school administration)

Third offense: $25 (the phone is kept until the fine is paid and the parent retrieves the phone from the school administration)

Fourth offense: Phone will remain in possession of the school until the end of the term.

Refusal to relinquish a device shall constitute willful disobedience and shall be handled accordingly.

 The school shall not be responsible for confiscated items if not picked up by a parent within ten (10) days of the last day of school. The School Board shall not be responsible for any electronic devices, including cell phones, lost or damaged while on School Board property.

A properly authorized medical device worn by a student shall not be considered to be in violation of this policy.

Cell phones can be used on campus after 2:30 PM; however, they are not allowed in after-school detention.                                     


Class Fees

Class fees for electives only will be assessed. These fees will be paid to the student's teacher. Exact change or money orders made for the exact amount of each fee should be sent. All money orders should be made payable to Haughton High School. No checks are accepted.


Parents may schedule conferences with teachers or administrators by calling the office (549-5450) during school hours. If the parent needs to talk with a teacher by telephone, the message will be forwarded to the teacher’s voice mail.

Detention & Suspension (including G.A.S.P.)

AFTER SCHOOL DETENTION      Our After-School Detention Program is disciplinary program for minor offenses. Detention is held after school Monday – Thursday from 2:30-3:30 PM. Students must arrive on time in dress code, sign-in, work quietly on school work, and remain to ending time to receive credit for attending detention. Detention is assigned for specific dates (or prior to) and must be attended on those dates unless adjusted by an administrator. Detention assigned by the Tardy Central Computer must be served on assigned dates (or prior to) or the next school day (if detention is assigned during holidays). Students serving detention on any given day may participate in school activities on that day unless otherwise instructed by an administrator.  

GASP/SUSPENSION/EXPULSION Guided Alternative to School Suspension Program       Our GASP Program is designed to keep students in school during suspension rather than sending them home. A student can be placed in GASP a maximum of three times for the entire year.   A student is not counted absent from school and must do all class assignments while in GASP. 

Program Specifics:  The student will: · Be placed in GASP from 1-5 days depending upon offense and/or the number of offenses. · Report directly to the GASP room upon entering school grounds. · Have work checked by GASP room monitor every 30 minutes. · Complete academic work in silence. · Be allowed up to six written questions daily. · Not be allowed to participate in regular lunch or break time. · Eat alone. · Be scheduled for the restroom twice daily.  Clean own area upon leaving GASP room. No writing on desks. · Earn 1-6 hours of extra time if he/she disturbs environment or breaks any rule in GASP room. Severe Disruption of the GASP room environment will result in out-of-school suspension.

For Out-of-School Suspension and Expulsion, see the Bossier Parish School System Student Handbook. NOTE: While on suspension (GASP, or out of school suspension) students are not to attend or participate in any school events including practice of any sport or competition. This includes the concluding school day of GASP or out of school suspension. No participation will be allowed until the following day. While expelled, students are barred from campus and any Haughton High School activity for the entire time of the expulsion period.

For Searches—Students and School Property, Beepers, Radios, and Similar Devices, Student Use of Tobacco, Alcohol and Drug Use by Students, Threats and Bullying, Weapons, School Bus Conduct, Other Discipline Policies, Corporal Punishment, Sexual Harassment of and by Students and the School Resource Officer Program (SRO), see the Bossier Parish School System Student Handbook.


POLICY ON FIGHTING I. Fighting will be defined as the intentional use of force upon the person of another. This includes, but is not limited to, a fistic encounter, wrestling, and violent pushing and shoving. Violent pushing and shoving occurs when there is an injury, or when the possibility of injury should have been foreseen. 

Haughton High School believes that students should inform authorities of a possible problem. Failure to report a problem that would clearly have prevented a fight will make the self-defense doctrine non-existent. Any students running to, instigating or participating in a fight will be subject to disciplinary action. Fighting will result in suspension. II. Under any of the following circumstances the participants of a fight will be criminally charged under Louisiana Revised Statutes 14:103, disturbing the peace:  a. if the fight is racially motivated b. if the fight is gang related c. if the fight is premeditated d. if a participant is not authorized to be on campus e. if the participants have to physically be separated by someone of authority

Louisiana Revised Statute 14:103 states whoever commits the crime of disturbing the peace shall be fined not more than one hundred dollars or imprisoned for not more than ninety days, or both.  Under any other circumstances, the administration will have the discretion to pursue criminal charges.

Food, Drinks, & Gum

Candy, food, and drinks are not to be consumed in any building. No food or drinks are allowed out in classrooms.  Students should not bring drinks or food on campus with exception of their lunches.Chewing gum will not be allowed at any time on this campus.

Hall Passes

Students are not allowed on campus during class hours without a hall pass issued by the teacher. Hall passes should contain the date, time of day, student's name, and destination. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the required hall pass—a student caught without a hall pass will be given detention. No hall passes will be issued during the lunch shifts or at the beginning of class.

I.D. cards

 Students will be issued student I.D. cards at the beginning of the school year at no charge. The student I.D. should be worn on the left-side on or near the collar of the uniform shirt, spirit shirt, or approved outerwear and must be visible and worn at all times while the student is on campus during the school day. Students are expected to show these cards at any time when requested to do so by school personnel. Replacement cards are available for $5.00. Damaged or altered I.D.’s will be confiscated and must be replaced at the student’s expense. Temporary I.D.’s will be issued during 1st block only for $1.00. Temporary I.D.’s are to be worn on the upper left-side of the uniform shirt near the collar. Students who refuse to wear I.D.’s or to purchase temporary I.D.’s when needed will be referred to the office. On the student’s 4th purchase of a temporary I.D., a new I.D. will be ordered for them automatically and they will have to pay $5.00 for the new I.D. card. When a student receives their 7th (and beyond) temporary ID card, they will be referred to the office for disciplinary action.


Students will be assigned lockers with combination locks for their use during the school year. Lockers should be kept in good condition, clean and orderly, and locked at all times. Students are responsible for any locker damage as well as allmaterials in their lockers. At no time should students slam locker doors. Students may not exchange or share lockers. No student may go to his/her locker during class. 

Restroom Usage

Students are expected to use restrooms before and after school, between classes, and during lunch shifts. Selected restrooms are open for use during these designated times. Students are expected to keep them clean. Students are prohibited from loitering, smoking, writing on walls or damaging the facilities in any way.

Student Drivers

Students are expected to drive their cars in a safe manner while on or around the campus. All student cars are to be parked only in the student parking area. Once the car is parked the student must leave the car and may not sit in or near parked cars during the school day. No vehicle should be driven by the bus area.

The speed limit in the parking lot is 5 mph and reckless driving is prohibited. Students guilty of disregarding any of the rules will be deprived of the privilege of bringing their cars to school. Any vehicle used by students to skip school will be banned from campus. The driver of the vehicle will also lose his/her parking privileges. PARKING PERMITS   Permits are issued by our School Resource Officer (SRO), Mr. Bockhaus, and should be displayed at all times. Misconduct may lead to revocation of parking privileges.

Telephone Usage

During school hours, students are not to use the office telephones or receive phone calls except in cases of emergency. This restriction is necessary because of the tremendous amount of essential business that must be transacted over these phones.


Visitors to our campus are welcome if they have received proper authorization from the Principal's Office. For the protection of the students, the school, and the personnel, all loiterers or visitors without proper identification or a visitor's pass should be reported to the office immediately.

Our School Locker

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