Senior Favorites


Mr. & Miss HHS:  Matthew Sewell and McKenzie O’Neal

Most Likely to Succeed:  Will Turner and Emily Edwards

Most Dependable: Devron Carley and Emma Lewis

Most Considerate:  Travis White and Courtney Billberry

Friendliest:  Jerrod Craft and Kaili Williams

Most School Spirit:  Hunter Deloach and Libbi Lange

Wittiest:  John Tomb and LeKayla Smith

Most Athletic:  PJ Douglas and Mikayla Barber

Best Attitude:  Brandon Hadley and Courtney Stepp

Most Knowledgeable:  Blake Langford and Natalie Craft

Senior Favorites Process

Each spring, members of the senior class nominate and select their peers for these awards.  The entire student body selects "Mr. and Miss HHS."