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Stage Make Up

Stage Make Up

Theater Spotlight

"The Election"

The Encore Drama Club presented "The Election" by Don Zolidis on November 17th in the HHS Auditorium.  The comedy was about what happened after an embattled student body president resigned in disgrace, and Mark Davenport (played by Robert Anweiler) figured he would cruise to victory in a special election. After all, his only opponent was nerdy Christy Martin (played by Alana Lewis), who wanted to eliminate football. But when a mysterious Super PAC gave her an unlimited budget, things started to get very ugly. Mark was to face total annihilation or accept the services of a slick professional campaign manager (played by Dalton Smiley) with questionable ethics and a million-dollar Super PAC of his own. The play was a hilarious and timely satire on the contemporary political scene.  

The show was produced by Jessica Raley and Kelli Shaw.  The Student Director was Sam Rodriguez and our Asst. Student Director was Christian Silba.  The cast and ensemble consisted of Robert Anweiler, Alana Lewis, Mary Claire Shaw, Dalton Smiley, Courtney Jackson, Ryleigh Ainsworth, Valerie Bass, Brianna Chitty, Cass Davis, Katie Hay, Jacey Harris, Hope Jordan, Sidney Lain, Meagan McMillian, Sam Rodriguez, Christian Silba, Lauren Stroupe, Tyler Villard, Stefani Wheeler, and Dyanedria White.

Advanced Theater Performs for Kindergarten Students

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Robinson Film Center: Making To Kill A Mockingbird

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Featuring Theater I

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Theater I First Block Mime Faces

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