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Michaela Meredith 

Rebekah Willis

Book Drop
School Supplies Available in the Library
Envelope, clasp 20¢
Eraser, cap 
Folder (w/brads) 50¢
Highlighter 50¢
Index cards $1.00 (pack)
Index cards 1¢ (each)
Notebook $1.00
Paper, Copy 1¢ (1 sheet)
Paper, loose-leaf $1.00 (pack)
Paper, loose-leaf 1¢ (sheet)
Pencil, Mechanical 50¢
Pencil, Wood 10¢
Pen 25¢ or $1.00
Poster Board $1.00
Report cover (clear) 40¢


Library to English Teachers Shared Resources


H. - Hardworking
Read and ask questions

E. - Encouraging
Assist others as needed

A. - Accountable
Speak softly and be considerate of other library users.

R. - Respectful
Take care of books and equipment

T. - Trustworthy
Give proper credit for written and oral work.



The Buccaneer Bookshelf serves the students, faculty, and staff of Haughton High School.  Its two librarians, Ms. Meredith and Mrs. Willis, are ready to help you!  The library is open from 7:10 A.M. - 2:35 P.M. each school day.  The library is also open during all four lunch shifts. 


New to the HHS Library is BOOK WAITR! BOOK WAITR is a student and teacher concierge service designed to get HHS library books to readers on the go. Users select titles from the online catalog then place on Hold. The books are then delivered to 1st Block teachers, checked out and ready to be enjoyed! Perfect for classes implementing Self Sustained Reading. Username and password is required. Complete instructions can be found in the Self Sustained Reading Resources link on the HHS website.



Book Check Out & Return

  • Books can be checked out in the morning before school and all lunch shifts

  • Students must have a current HHS ID to check out books

  • 2 books per student  - Class novels do not count

  • Circulation is 10 school days - Holidays do not count

  • Return books to the big, red BOOK DROP box outside the north door of the library 

  • There are no fees for overdue books, however, please be considerate and return books on time!


HHS Library Book Descriptions

F = Fiction                                          B = Biography

CS = Class Set                                    920 = Collective Biography

SC = Story Collection                      LA = Louisiana Collection

R = Reference                                   GB = Guide Books


Dewey Decimal
Classification System

  • 000 – Computer science, information & general works

  • 100 – Philosophy & psychology

  • 200 – Religion

  • 300 – Social sciences

  • 400 – Language

  • 500 – Pure Science

  • 600 – Technology

  • 700 – Arts & recreation

  • 800 – Literature

  • 900 – History & geography


Printing can be done in the morning before school, during all lunch shifts, and during class with a Hall Pass from a teacher. See a librarian before you print.

B&W - 10¢ per page

Color - $1.00 per page


Thanks to the
Biedenharn Foundation,
the HHS Library received
funding for the
"Read-lax and Listen to a Good Book" project. Below are the Playaway audiobooks purchased with the grant. Come by the library to check them out!

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HHS Online Catalog

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