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Drawing Information

Each nine weeks, a drawing is conducted to select one girl and one boy from each grade to each receive a $10 gift card from Regal Cinemas (compliments of the HHS "uniform" fund -- the proceeds from the sales of sweatshirts and t-shirts in the library).  The drawing includes the names of all students who earned all As or all As and Bs during the nine-week grading period.

Honor Roll

Second Nine Weeks Drawing Winners (Oct. 13 - Dec. 20)

9th grade Richard Clair, Paige Ramey

10th grade Ddon Nguyen, Elizabeth Langley

11th grade Trey Jolley, Morgan Nix

12th grade Chris Wiley, Freneisha Larkins


l-r Trey, Ddon, Elizabeth, Paige, Chris

l-r Trey, Ddon, Elizabeth, Paige, Chris

First Nine Weeks Drawing Winners (Aug. 8 - Oct. 10)

9th grade Brandon Cole, Katelyn Knight

10th grade Phillip Pappan, Sarah Ryan

11th grade Dillan Johnston, Bethany Freeman

12th grade Casey Thomas, Patricia Lawrence 

Honor Roll Drawing Winners 1st Nine Weeks (Aug. 8 - Oct. 10)

l-r Dillan, Katelyn, Paige, Phillip, Bethany, Sarah, Brandon