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Contact the Librarians
Contact Michaela Meredith  Michaela Meredith (318) 549-5467 Librarian, Team Tech, Fixed Assets Man., PBIS, Tennis Coach, Website Admin.
Contact Rebekah Willis  Rebekah Willis (318) 549-5469 Librarian, AR Manager, StuCo Co-Sponsor, PBIS Reward, Google Apps Admin
School Supplies Available in the Library
Envelope, clasp $.20
Eraser, cap $.05
Folder (w/brads) $.50
Highlighter $.50
Index cards $1.00 (pack)
Index cards $.01 (each)
Notebook $1.00
Paper, Copy $.01 (sheet)
Paper (loose-leaf) $1.00 (pack)
Paper (loose-leaf) $.01 (sheet)
Pencil, Mechanical $.50
Pencil, Wood $.10
Pen $.25 or $1.00
Poster Board $.75
Report cover (clear) $.40


Library to English Teachers Shared Resources



The Buccaneer Bookshelf serves the students, faculty, and staff of Haughton High School.  Its two librarians, Ms. Meredith and Mrs. Willis, are ready to help you!  The library is open from 7:10 A.M. - 2:35 P.M. each school day.  The library is also open during all four lunch shifts. 

If there are books you would like to see in the HHS Library, fill out the Form below.