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Red Jackets

Please be sure to join our Reminders texts by texting @redjack14 to 81010.


Red Jackets love to volunteer at the Revel!
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Red Jacket Service Requirement Expectations

Red Jackets Service Requirements & Expectations

  1. Red Jackets are required to participate in mandatory projects, which do not count toward service credits for the semester. You must attend 2 of the 3 mandatory projects to remain in the group:

Mandatory Projects:

  • Freshman Orientation (Fall)
  • Back to School Night (Fall/Spring)
  • Graduation (Spring)
  1. Red Jackets are also required to participate in at least 5 service projects each semester, separate from the mandatory projects.  You may choose from many different projects including, but not limited to, the following, which each count for 1 service credit (unless noted):

Pumpkin Light Night

Red Jacket T-shirt sales

Friends Project (1/2 credit for lunch visit, 1 credit for classroom visit)

Senior Awards

Red Jackets Senior Banquet

Senior Project (Fall/Spring)

HHS Homecoming Parade

Community Based Project of 3 hours (See below for more info)

Food item for teachers’ lounge (limit 1 per semester)

Camp Rainman (3 credits)

The above list is not all-inclusive. Several other opportunities will occur during the year. If you want to know if something will count as a service project, please obtain approval before you do it. All service projects require you to submit a service credit verification form that is to be signed by the teacher/sponsor of the group you helped.  It is your responsibility to make sure you perform the required number of service projects. Credits do not roll over.

You may perform service in the community to count toward service credits. Service hours may be worked all at once or in segments but you must have 3 hours before you submit your form. This project must be with a legitimate organization (not babysitting, mowing your neighbor’s yard, etc.) and requires you to obtain a letter or email from the organization (with contact information & hours served) to verify your participation hours. You will submit this letter with a service credit verification form. Emails should be sent to either or  Examples of community-based projects include Goodwill, Salvation Army, NWLA Food Bank, ACTION Food Pantry, Tutoring, Church-based community service, VA, and nursing homes. Again if you are unsure if it will count, obtain approval ahead of time.

  1. Please note the following behavior expectations for ALL projects:
  2. Absolutely no use of cell phones during projects. If you are asked more than once to put it away, you will not receive credit for the event. The only acceptable use is at the end of the event to text/call your ride.
  3. If you are more than 15 minutes late for a project (without prior approval), you will not receive any credit for that project.
Service Organizations Locker
2/13/18 4:43 PM
2/13/18 4:43 PM
2/13/18 4:43 PM
2/13/18 4:43 PM
2/13/18 4:43 PM
2017-18 Red Jackets
Adams, Peyton
Ainsworth, Ryleigh
Allen, Grant
Arnold, Madison
Atnip, Elizabeth
Bailey, Cole
Battlefield, Lacey
Bockhaus, Brennon
Bowman, Tripp
Boyer, Kaleigh
Brooks, Lauren
Brothers, Jordan
Burkart, McKayla
Carter, Harlee
Collier, Kynzie
Crowder, Hannah
Densmore, Hailey
Eatman, Grace
Evans, Charli
Farquhar, Kenzie
Felicetty, Garrett
Garner, Jaida
Gilmore, Ashlyn
Gray, Mallory
Hadwin, Jeremiah
Hay, Katie
Hensley, Shelby
Hernandez, Tania
Holloway, Caden
Hopson, Leah
Jackson, Kobe
Jackson, Kylee
Jinks, Mason
King, Kamryn
Knight, Lauren
Knotts, Nick
Koch, Justin
Lain, Sidney
Lemley, Brittany
Lewis, Alana
Lewis, Chloe
Lloyd, Jillian
Lowrie, Madelynn
Lunsford, Bailey
Mason, Mackenzie
McCubbins, Kendall
McGrath, Logan
McVey, Morgan
Moock, Hannah
Nesbit, Matthew
Newell, Malea
Nunnery, Kaitlyn
Nyswaner, Blake
Oswalt, Tori
Phavorabout, Katlyn
Phillips, Journey
Rattanachai, Bailee
Reichard, Madison
Rhymes, Jacob
Robinson, Hannah
Roten, Brandon
Roy, Shelby
Royal, Randi
Runkle, Riley
Salley, Savannah
Scott, Maddie
Seets, Trenton
Sewell, Jonathan
Sharp, Emily
Shaw, Mary Claire
Slaton, Graceann
Smith, Isabelle
Smothermon, Emily
Stanfield, Farrah
Staton, Maegan
Thomas, La'Tricia
Tompkins, Lauren
Turner, Abby
Ulrich, Mackensie
Voigt, Harrison
Waldron, Madison
Walker, Hailee
Walker, Katie
Weinreber, Aidan
White, Matthew
Willcox, Ellie (Victoria)
Willis, Starla
Wolfe, Makenzie


Contact Alice Hunt  Alice Hunt (318) 549-7126 Biology Teacher
Contact Aundrea Weinreber  Aundrea Weinreber (318) 549-7136 PreAP & AP Chemistry, Red Jackets & Highsteppers sponsor
Red jackets serve with a smile

The HHS Red Jackets are easily recognizable by their attire when they are on duty.  Red Jackets serve as hosts and hostesses for school events.  They are indispensable!  Red Jackets are sponsored by Mrs. Aundrea Weinreber and Mrs. Alice Hunt. They are a "Group 2" club (see the Activity Period schedule on the HHS homepage). 

Red Jackets at Work
Senior RJ 2017
Senior RJ 2017