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Great J.O.B.

Great J.O.B. History

The Great J.O.B. award began in 2007-8.

Broderick Williams was the first recipient.  He was nominated by Mr. Hayden for helping peacefully resolve a disagreement in the hall between classes.

Maddie Moreau was nominated by Mrs. Shaw for Maddie's timely assistance with a neighbor who was in diabetic distress.

Great J.O.B. Award

Recipients for 2013-14

(l-r) Ms. Turner and James Gipson – James called the sheriff’s office to reunite a lost 4-year-old boy with the boy’s parents after the child wandered from home into another part of the subdivision.  James investigated after the situation "just didn't look right" to him. -- Oct. 29, 2013


(l-r) Austin Stanley, Luis Solano, Ms. Turner, and “Junior” Roberts (not pictured Brian McGlasson) – These guys waded into two-feet deep water by the boys’ gym to help a parent with her stalled car.  They pushed the car out of the water, where it was able to be resuscitated.  -- Oct. 31, 2013

All Winners

Sept. 20, 2013 -- Fernanda Auerbach has been using her bilingual capabilities to assist a new Buc who cannot speak English. They are not in the same classes, but Fernanda discovered the situation and made an effort to meet the student and speak with her in Spanish.  She also offered her phone number and her availability as a homework helper or just as a friend.


Recipients for 2012-13

April 15 -- Seniors Hunter Cade Ouzts and John Carleton have received a "Great J.O.B. (Judged to Have Outstanding Behavior) Award" from the HHS Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports Team.  The award was given upon the recommendation of HMS assistant principal Mrs. Sharon Glasscock based upon an incident occuring on Feb. 12, 2013.  An HMS bus rear-ended Hunter Ouzts's truck on Princeton Road after school on that day.  Hunter then drove his truck to the side of the highway and immediately ran over to check on the students in the bus.  He went to the back of the bus, opened the emergency exit, and helped students evacuate. John was a passenger in Hunter's truck.  He called 9-1-1 and talked to dispatchers.  After that, he also helped unload the students from the bus. Mrs. Glasscock came to Haughton High School recently and helped HHS assistant principal Ms. Martha Turner present the award to the two.  Great job, Hunter and John!

December 12 -- Art students Brittany Driggers and Amber Strickland were at Airline High for the Bossier Parish Christmas Production when the school secretary, Mrs. Todd, fell down the stairs.  They took charge of the situation, since she was not moving, and called 911.  They checked her pulse and made sure no one moved her until the ambulance arrived.  The two girls were nominated by their art teacher, Mrs. Lombardino. Great J.O.B., girls!

November 27 -- Senior Brian West found a large sum of money (possibly dropped by one of the Army recruiters) on campus and turned it in to the office. Thanks, Brian, for your integrity and honor! 

Great JOB Award Hunter and John April 2013

(l-r) Mrs. Glasscock, Hunter, John, and Ms. Turner

Great Job Dec 12 2012

l-r Amber, Ms. Turner, Brittany, and Mrs. Lombardino

Recipients for 2011-12

Shawntez Wyatt-Middleton was nominated by HMS Asst. Principal Mrs. Glasscock for going above and beyond the call of duty to help the bus driver and students at a bus wreck in early February.  He is our eighteenth recipient of the Great J.O.B. award since its inception.

May 2012 -- These recipients were nominated by Coach Rodney Guin, one of our F.C.A. sponsors. These F.C.A. members worked as nighttime volunteers at Shreveport’s HUB ministry during the Spring of 2012, providing extremely solicitous care and kind attention to the kids there.  Coach Guin says, “Their actions were commendable and they deserve recognition.”  Congratulations to (l-r) Seth Ryan, Cole Williams, Dylan Wallace, Jorge Cardenas, Javonte’ Woodard, Emma Polson, James David Almond, Haley Krumpelbeck, and nominator Coach Guin.

Great J.O.B. May 17 2012

Recipients for 2010-11

Dakota Kander, Sky Kander, and Hunter Teutsch have received a “Great J.O.B.” award after being nominated by Mrs. Sessions.  She explains, “They, along with some wonderful HHS staff, came to my rescue [on the afternoon of Dec. 13] and helped fix my flat tire.  I am very appreciative of their help and for going the extra mile.” Great J.O.B., Dakota, Sky, and Hunter!

Recipients for 2009-10

Audrey Johnson May 2010 Audrey was nominated by Mrs. Sullivan for her volunteerism and sacrifice in working with the Redemption Day program.

John Rushing October 2009 John was nominated by Mrs. Sullivan for an act of kindness towards another student.

Alex Smith, Moneka Allen, Steven Kabalaoui October 2009  These students were nominated by Mrs. Hall for helping to resolve a disturbance in the hall between classes.

Recipients for 2008-9

Austin Hadwin May 2009 Austin was nominated by Mrs. Allgood after she noticed that he helped the custodians every day by emptying classroom trash cans.

Matt Smith, Hannah McHalffey, Mallory Thurgood, and Stephanie Gray March 2009  These F.B.L.A. members were nominated by club sponsor Ms. Meyer for volunteering to move heavy supplies for two ladies while the group was at an F.B.L.A. competition.

Randy Fortmann March 2009 The fourth recipient was nominated by Mrs. Kristin Murphy for an act of community service that improved our school environment.

Jordan McCormick Jan. 2009  The third award was presented to Jordan, who was nominated by his speech teacher, Mrs. Jessica Raley.  She says, "Jordan is a shining star without know it.  Anytime that we have to give a presentation at the podium, Jordan, without skipping a beat, always assists Curtis Marshall by helping him get his crutches, paper, visual aids, etc.  Jordan is very selfless and makes me so proud to be his teacher.  It's nice to know that there are still good teens who are willing to humble themselves and help others in need."




Great J.O.B. stands for "Judged to Have Outstanding Behavior."

Any HHS teacher or staff can nominate a student who demonstrates commendable effort to make our school and community safer, friendlier, or more functional (examples: helping to resolve a disagreement in the hallway, assisting a neighbor in distress, etc.).

Brian with his medal and certificate
Brian with his medal and certificate
Hunter, Sky, and Dakota
Hunter, Sky, and Dakota
Audrey Johnson
Audrey Johnson
John, Alex, Moneka, and Steven October 2009