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Teacher of the Month 2015-2016

September - 

October - Sarah Marks

November - Kelli Shaw

December - J.J. Stallcup

January - Amy Melton

February - Stacey Brotherton

March - Kristy Jackson

April - Hal Harlan

May - Jessica Raley

Teacher of the Month 2014-2015

September - Coach Guin

October - Mrs. Lainey Hodge

November -

December -

January - Mrs. Jessica Raley

February - Mrs. Kelli Shaw

March - Mrs. Barbara Cox

April - Mrs. Holly George

May -

Teachers of the Month 2013-14

September Mrs. Hunt

October Mrs. Toms

November Col. Zucco

December Senor Brown

January Ms. Weaver

February Mrs. Wallingsford

March Mrs. Wooten

April Mrs. Michelle Darby

Teachers of the Month 2012-13

September Mrs. Arnold

October Mrs. Sullivan

November Mrs. Walden

December Mr. Masters

January Coach Brotherton

February Ms. Raymond

March Mrs. Navarro

April & May Coach & Mrs. Melton

Teachers of the Month 2011-12

October Mrs. Toms

November Mr. Williams

December Mrs. St. Andre'

January Mrs. Lombardino

February Mr. Masters

March Mrs. Melton

April Coach Brotherton

May Coach Pesnell

Teachers of the Month 2010-11

September Mrs. Marks

October Coach Guin

November Coach Harlan

December Mrs. Goslin

January Mrs. Harp

February Mrs. Shaw

March Ms. Hall

April Coach Wilkerson

Mrs. Harp and Her Treasured Parking Spot
Mrs. Harp and Her Treasured Parking Spot

Teacher of the Month/Year

Teacher of the Year 2015-2016

Mr. David Brown was selected by the faculty of HHS to serve as its Teacher of the Year for 2015-16.

David Brown

Teachers of the Year

2015-16  David Brown

2014-15 Mikki Wallingsford

2013-14 Alice Hunt

2012-13 Tammy Hall

2011-12 Kathy Allison

2010-11 Tina Navarro

2009-10 Stephanie Meyer, NBCT

2008-9 Tammy Hall

2007-8 Jeff Hayden

2006-7 Stacy Lombardino, NBCT

2005-6 Tammy Hall

2004-5 Kevin Williams

2003-4 J.J. Stallcup

2002-3 Amy Melton


2000-1 Charles Thomas

1999-2000 Tonia Haynie

Mrs. Miki Wallingsford, TOtY 2014-2015
Mrs. Alice Hunt, TOTY 2013-2014
Alice Hunt
Ms. Hall, TOTY 2012-2013
Tammy Hall
Mrs. Allison, TOTY 2011-2012
Kathy Allison