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2018 Homecoming

Homecoming Court

Homecoming Dance
October 20, 2018 
Bossier Civic Center 7:30-10:30

Homecoming Tickets Sales will be taking place Thursday, October 4th - Friday, October 5th and Tuesday, October 16th - Thursday, October 18th, in Mrs. Marks classroom, L1, ONLY during lunch shifts. 

All students must be clear of all debts, have a current and valid HHS ID (temporary ID is acceptable), and a dance contract on file for themselves and their date. Off-campus non-HHS students must have a completed dance contract on file in the front off as well.  

When purchasing tickets, students MUST have their debt card cleared and with them, and a current and valid HHS ID. 

Want discounted Homecoming tickets? Get your ticket early!  Tickets will be $10 per ticket on Thursday, October 4th.  After that day, all Homecoming Tickets are $20 per person. So hurry and purchase early! With every Homecoming Ticket purchase, each student will receive free digital pictures from Cowen! 

"Hollywood in Haughton"

October 16-20, 2018 

Homecoming Rules and Regulations Printable Version

Daily Contests 

I. Dress-up Days -- Classes will be tallied during first block on their participation. First block teachers should turn in their tally forms on their door each morning.  “Dress-up” must be actual clothing/accessories worn (no paper add-ons).  Uniform tops/bottoms are not required when dressing up; no matter the dress day, students should follow these guidelines EVERYDAY: 

Free Dress Rules:

NO tight or loose clothing

NO leggings, skinny pants, or skinny jeans

NO mid drifts exposed

NO tank, halter, strapless, one shoulder, spaghetti strap, or low cut tops (shoulders need to be covered)

NO flip flops, house shoes, or slippers

NO athletic shorts, sweat pants, or warm ups

NO clothing with obscene language, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, chains, etc.

NO holes in jeans

NO short dresses, skirts, or shorts (4 inches above knee)

Dresses and skirts must follow the 4 inches above the knee, NOT the required 5 inch inseam policy

NO head wear (hat, bandana, scarf, etc.)

NO inappropriate items worn over clothing

Pants with belt loops must have a belt.

Dress-up days are scheduled as follows:

Tuesday—“Travel BACK TO THE FUTURE Tuesday”: Students can choose an era to dress in (Western, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, etc.) Full attire is acceptable, but must follow school uniform guidelines. 

Wednesday— “Award Winning Wednesday”: Students will dress their best! Acceptable dress include dresses, ties, button-up shirts, church attire. Dress to impress, but follow all school uniform guidelines. ***Skirts and dresses must follow the 4 inches above the knee policy, NOT the 5 inch inseam policy.***  

Thursday--“Action-Packed Thrilling Thursday”: Students will dress in their favorite action star gear (ex. Superman, Matrix, etc.) NO MASKS, NO SCARY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES, NO LEOTARDS. Full attire is acceptable but must but must follow school uniform guidelines. 

Friday-- “Fantasy Football Friday”: Students will dress in their favorite fan gear! Show your school spirit! All school uniform guidelines must be followed. 

*Please note that all students must follow the uniform dress guidelines as denoted in the handbook; during this week,  shirts that are not made to be tucked in may be worn untucked at the teacher’s and administration’s discretion.  Anything that is not school appropriate will not be allowed or the student will have to change or be sent home. WHEN IN DOUBT…DON’T WEAR IT

II. School Attendance – The class with the highest percentage of attendance for each day of the week will be awarded first place and the other places will follow in descending order.  

III. Penny Drive – Containers will be placed in the BUC den for each class.  The class with the most money will win a jeans day.  This contest is not limited to pennies.  All money collected will be donated to Maddie Mouser, a Haughton student currently undergoing a lung transplant. 

Door Contest– Each 1st block class may decorate one single classroom door (approximately 6’8” x 4’). The door should include the Homecoming theme in some way; Mrs. Duncan will e-mail teachers on Wednesday (Oct. 17) and ask for participating classes so they may be evenly divided for judging.  1st block classes are responsible for obtaining the materials they will need. Decorations for the door may be made ahead of time, but may not actually be attached to the door until first block Thursday (Oct. 18).  Doors are given more points for handmade decorations.  You may decorate one door only (not double doors or adjoining glass).  Judging will take place during 2nd block Thursday.  There will be a winning class picked from each of the designated groups.  The winning classes of each group will receive a pizza party.

Competition Point Scale & Prize Money

This scale applies to the following three competitions: School Attendance, and Dress-up Days.  The Door Contest winners and penny drive winners are not included in the total points. Door contest winners receive a pizza. Penny Driver winner receive a Jeans Day. 

 1st place – 100 points / 2nd place – 75 points / 3rd place – 50 points / 4th place – 25 points. 

The class with the most points wins the competition for the week and will be given money from the Student Council (and bragging rights until the next year).  Prizes are as follows: 1st place - $100 / 2nd place - $75 / 3rd place - $50 / 4th place - $25  

Homecoming Parade Application

Online Application
Hard copies are available in the office

Homecoming Court 


Lauren Knight

Football Sweetheart:

Mallory Gray

Band Sweetheart:

Taittum Sischo

ROTC Sweetheart:

Liana Tessada

Senior Maids:

Bailey Lunsford

Graceann Slaton

Gracie Currence

Hope Mathis

Kamryn King

Logan McGrath

Malea Newell

Toni Leonard

Contact Mona Duncan  Mona Duncan (318) 549-5482 AIM Teacher
Contact Sarah Marks  Sarah Marks (318) 549-5503 IBCA and Principles of Business Teacher, Student Council Sponsor
Contact Rebekah Willis  Rebekah Willis (318) 549-5469 Librarian, AR Manager, StuCo Co-Sponsor, PBIS Reward, Google Apps Admin