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Faculty & Staff Contact Info

Haughton High Faculty
Contact Ellen Allen  Ellen Allen (318) 549-7122 Math Teacher
Contact Karen Arbuckle  Karen Arbuckle (318) 549-5533 Instructional Coach
Contact Tonya Arnold  Tonya Arnold (318) 549-5518 English Teacher
Contact William Bond  William Bond (318) 549-5522 Choral Conductor
Contact Crystal Bonner  Crystal Bonner Teacher
Contact Jason Brotherton  Jason Brotherton (318) 549-7145 Athletic Director/Head Football Coach
Contact Stacey Brotherton  Stacey Brotherton (318) 549-7131 Math Teacher
Contact David Brown  David Brown (318) 549-7130 Spanish Teacher
Contact Leroy Brown  Leroy Brown (318) 549-5537 Aerospace Science Instructor
Contact Steve Brown  Steve Brown (318) 549-5514 English Teacher
Contact Joel Burris  Joel Burris (318) 549-5541 Asst. Director of Bands/Director of Percussion
Contact Erica Carnley  Erica Carnley Teacher
Contact Bitsy Cliburn  Bitsy Cliburn (318) 549-5506 Family and Consumer Science Teacher
Contact Barbara Cox  Barbara Cox (318) 549-5504 Business Education Teacher
Contact Michelle Darby  Michelle Darby (318) 549-5556 Teacher
Contact Cynthia Dowden  Cynthia Dowden (318) 549-5515 English Teacher
Contact Jennifer Dumas  Jennifer Dumas (318) 549-5489 Staff
Contact Mona Duncan  Mona Duncan (318) 549-5482 AIM Teacher
Contact Steve Finley  Steve Finley Science Teacher
Contact Kathryn Freeman  Kathryn Freeman (318) 549-5516 English I Teacher
Contact Justin Ginn  Justin Ginn (318) 549-5480 Social Studies Teacher, Head Volleyball Coach, Assistant Baseball Coach
Contact Sid Haley  Sid Haley (318) 549-5500 Social Studies Teacher
Contact Tammy Hall  Tammy Hall (318) 549-7132 Math Teacher
Contact Debra Harlan  Debra Harlan (318) 549-7120 Math teacher
Contact Hal Harlan  Hal Harlan (318) 549-5527 Health Education, Football, & Baseball
Contact Michelle Harp  Michelle Harp (318) 549-5507 Family & Consumer Sciences Teacher
Contact Lainey Hodge  Lainey Hodge (318) 549-7127 Mathematics Teacher
Contact Denise Humphries  Denise Humphries (318) 549-5538 Social Studies Teacher
Contact Alice Hunt  Alice Hunt (318) 549-7126 Biology Teacher
Contact Robin Iman  Robin Iman (318) 549-5490 Teacher
Contact Jenny Jordan  Jenny Jordan (318) 549-5529 Teacher
Contact Laura Jorgensen  Laura Jorgensen (318) 549-5475 English Teacher
Contact Terry Josting  Terry Josting (318) 549-5494 Teacher
Contact Matthew Koeppen  Matthew Koeppen (318) 549-5510 Art Teacher
Contact Melinda Lain  Melinda Lain (318) 549-5554 Teacher
Contact Christie LeCompte  Christie LeCompte (318) 549-7124 Science Teacher
Contact Laci Lemoine  Laci Lemoine (318) 549-7128 Math Teacher
Contact Lindsay Liles  Lindsay Liles (318) 549-5512 English Teacher
Contact Stacy Lombardino  Stacy Lombardino (318) 549-5508 Art I, II, III and IV/ YACA sponsor
Contact Eunice Maris  Eunice Maris Social Studies Teacher
Contact Sarah Marks  Sarah Marks (318) 549-5503 IBCA and Principles of Business Teacher, Student Council Sponsor
Contact Michael Marston  Michael Marston (318) 549-5478 Coach, Teacher
Contact Glenn Maynor  Glenn Maynor (318) 549-5525 World Geography, Baseball
Contact Christy McKay  Christy McKay (318) 549-7123 Teacher
Contact Amy Melton  Amy Melton (318) 549-7139 Math Teacher
Contact Russell Melton  Russell Melton (318) 549-7152 English / Football / Girls' Soccer / Rodeo / Senior Class / FCA
Contact Michaela Meredith  Michaela Meredith (318) 549-5467 Librarian, Team Tech, Fixed Assets Man., PBIS, Tennis Coach, Website Admin.
Contact Stephanie Meyer  Stephanie Meyer (318) 549-5502 Business Teacher
Contact Tina Navarro  Tina Navarro (318) 549-5519 English III Teacher
Contact Joshua O'Nishea  Joshua O'Nishea (318) 549-7133 Science Teacher
Contact Bill Ostermeyer  Bill Ostermeyer (318) 549-5551 Teacher
Contact Kate Pease  Kate Pease (318) 549-7137 Science Teacher
Contact Jenifer Pesnell  Jenifer Pesnell (318) 549-5465 Girls' PE / Basketball / Track
Contact Norman Picou  Norman Picou (318) 549-5491 Teacher
Contact Leanne Prather  Leanne Prather (318) 549-5511 English Teacher, Softball Coach
Contact Jessica Raley  Jessica Raley (318) 549-5481 Speech Teacher
Contact Justin Rogers  Justin Rogers (318) 549-5501 Teacher
Contact Matthew Sewell  Matthew Sewell (318) 549-5492 Teacher
Contact Kelli Shaw  Kelli Shaw (318) 549-5483 KHHS & Theater Teacher, Cheerleader Sponsor
Contact Gary Smith  Gary Smith (318) 549-5488 Teacher
Contact John Stafford  John Stafford (318) 549-5487 Social Studies/Football/Baseball
Contact JJ Stallcup  JJ Stallcup (318) 549-5477 Business Education Teacher
Contact Brandi StAndre  Brandi StAndre (318) 549-5505 Business Education Teacher
Contact Brian StAndre  Brian StAndre (318) 549-5497 Business Education Teacher/Coach
Contact Amanda Temple  Amanda Temple (318) 549-5517 English IV
Contact Male Thompson  Male Thompson (318) 549-7134 Spanish teacher
Contact Miki Wallingsford  Miki Wallingsford (318) 549-7138 Math Teacher
Contact Tina Ward  Tina Ward (318) 549-7129 Math Teacher and SADD Sponsor
Contact Vallette Weaver  Vallette Weaver (318) 549-7140 Physics/Chem Comm/Chemistry
Contact Aundrea Weinreber  Aundrea Weinreber (318) 549-7136 PreAP & AP Chemistry, Red Jackets & Highsteppers sponsor
Contact Kyle Wilkerson  Kyle Wilkerson (318) 549-7147 Head Boys Track and P.E.
Contact Kevin Williams  Kevin Williams (318) 549-5521 Director of Bands
Contact Rebekah Willis  Rebekah Willis (318) 549-5469 Librarian, AR Manager, StuCo Co-Sponsor, PBIS Reward, Google Apps Admin
Contact DaShun WilsonHoward  DaShun WilsonHoward (318) 549-7121 Mathematics Teacher
Contact Tony Zucco  Tony Zucco (318) 549-5493 Senior Aerospace Science Instructor


Contact Mike Almond  Mike Almond (318) 549-5530 SRO Officer
Contact Shawn Grooms  Shawn Grooms (318) 549-5525 SRO
Administrative Professionals
Contact Brenda Bramlett  Brenda Bramlett (318) 549-5454 Bookkeeper/Principal's Secretary
Contact Donna Croft  Donna Croft (318) 549-5450 Attendance Secretary
Contact Pam Faulkner  Pam Faulkner (318) 549-5557 Tardy Central / Coach
Contact Tracy Guin  Tracy Guin (318) 549-5453 Registrar
Contact Gwen Raymond  Gwen Raymond Associate
Haughton High Staff
Contact Lynette Bailey  Lynette Bailey Staff
Contact Christi Bumpass  Christi Bumpass Staff
Contact Connie Chavis  Connie Chavis (318) 549-5498 Staff
Contact Pamela Goodman  Pamela Goodman Staff
Contact Kristy Jackson  Kristy Jackson (318) 549-5490 Staff
Contact Phil McMillian  Phil McMillian Staff
Contact Gina Prothro  Gina Prothro (318) 549-5484 Staff
Contact Lacey Shelton  Lacey Shelton (318) 549-5490 ex: 5490 Staff
Contact Drakarius Smith  Drakarius Smith Staff
Contact Ann Williams  Ann Williams Staff