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Staff Directory

David Haynie              318-549-5455 Email


Melissa Hall 318-549-5456 Email Assistant Principal
Aaron Megee 318-549-5457 Email Assistant Principal


Kristen Brandon         318-549-5458 Email Sophomore A-L and Freshmen                        
Kelli Schufft 318-549-5460 Email Jump Start
JJ Stallcup 318-549-5533 Email Instructional Coach
Sarah Thrash 318-549-5459 Email Juniors and Sophomore M-Z
Carey Waldron 318-549-5461 Email Seniors


Chad Abernathy 318-549-5492 Email Social Studies
Ellen Allen 318-549-7122



Juana Alvarez

318-549-5529 Email


Tonya Arnold

318-549-5518 Email

English II Honors

Robert Batchelor

318-549-5518 Email


Jenna Bolin 318-549-5465 Email P.E. & Head Girls Basketball Coach
Crystal Bonner 318-549-7131 Email Virtual Math

Jason Brotherton

318-549-7145 Email

American History, P.E. and Head Football Coach

Stacey Brotherton

318-549-7131 Email


David Brown

318-549-7135 Email

Spanish I

Leroy Brown

318-549-5537 Email


Steve Brown

318-549-5514 Email

English I and English I Honors

Danielle Bryant 318-549-5501 Email English I
Christi Bumpass 318-549-5477 Email Business

Joel Burris

318-549-5541 Email


Erica Carnley

318-549-5517 Email

English I 

Bitsy Cliburn

318-549-5506 Email

Family Consumer Science I, II and Clothing

Barbara Cox

318-549-5504 Email

Business Computer Applications and IBCA

Michelle Darby

318-549-5556 Email

Study Skills

Cynthia Dowden

318-549-5515 Email

English IV and Technical Writing

Jennifer Dumas

318-549-5489 Email

Applied ELA and Applied Math

Mona Duncan

318-549-5482 Email

Gifted & Talented and Community Involvement

Steve Finley

318-549-7125 Email

Biology and Environmental Science

Kathryn Ginn

318-549-5516 Email

English III and Bible as Literature

Justin Ginn

318-549-5480 Email

Health and Student Responsibilities 

Sid Haley

318-549-5500 Email

U.S. History

Tammy Hall

318-549-7132 Email

Calculus Honors and Advanced Math

Debra Harlan

318-549-7120 Email

Algebra II and Essentials of Algebra

Hal Harlan

318-549-5527 Email


Michelle Harp

318-549-5507 Email

Family Consumer Science and Nutrition & Food

Jami Hobgood

318-549-5498 Email

Applied Science

Denise Humphries

318-549-5538 Email

World Geography

Alice Hunt

318-549-7126 Email

Biology Honors

Robin Iman

318-549-5490 Email

Applied ELA and Applied Math

Todd Johnson 318-549-5491 Email Social Studies

Laura Jorgensen

318-549-5475 Email

English II

Terry Josting

318-549-5494 Email

Study Skills

Matthew Koeppen

318-549-5510 Email

Art I

Jessica Kratzer 318-549-7129 Email Math

Melinda Lain

318-549-5554 Email

Study Skills

Christie LeCompte

318-549-7124 Email

Environmental Science

Laci Lemoine

318-549-7128 Email

Business Math and Financial Lit

Lindsay Liles

318-549-5512 Email

English I

Stacy Lombardino

318-549-5508 Email

Art I, II,  III and AP Art

Eunice Maris

318-549-5486 Email

U.S. History and AP U.S. History

Sarah Marks

318-549-5503 Email

Principles of Business and Entrepreneurship 

Michael Marston

318-549-5478 Email

Study Skills

Glenn Maynor

318-549-5525 Email


Christy McKay

318-549-7123 Email

Environmental Science

Amy Melton

318-549-7139 Email


Russell Melton

318-549-7152 Email

Virtual English

Michaela Meredith

318-549-5467 Email


Stephanie Meyer

318-549-5502 Email

Journey to Careers

Tina Navarro

318-549-5519 Email

English III

Josh O'Nishea

318-549-7140 Email

Virtual Science 

Bill Ostermeyer

318-549-5551 Email

Study Skills

Kate Pease

318-549-7137 Email


Leanne Prather

318-549-5511 Email

English II

Jessica Raley

318-549-5481 Email

Speech I and II

Gwen Raymond

318-549-7151 Email


Roxette Pietri 318-549-7134 Email Spanish I

Kelli Shaw

318-549-5483 Email

Broadcasting, Theater I and Speech I

Gary Smith

318-549-5488 Email

World Geography and P.E.

Brandi St. Andre'

318-549-5505 Email

IBCA and Publications

Brian St. Andre'

318-549-5497 Email

Principles of Marketing

John Stafford

318-549-5498 Email

Virtual Social Studies

Shanna Stanfield 318-549-5496 Email School Nurse
David Turner 318-549-5499 Email World History and Civics

Miki Wallingsford

318-549-7138 Email

College Algebra and Algebra II

Vallette Weaver

318-549-7133 Email

Biology II

Aundrea Weinreber

318-549-7136 Email

Chemistry and Chemistry Honors

Kyle Wilkerson

318-549-7147 Email


Kevin Williams

318-549-5521 Email


Rebekah Willis

318-549-5469 Email


Dashun Wilson-Howard

318-549-7121 Email



Tony Zucco

318-549-5493 Email



John Brunson 318-549-5559 Email
Dusty Crenshaw 318-549-5530 Email


Lynette Bailey Email 318-549-5544
Brenda Bramlett Email 318-549-5454
Donna Croft Email 318-549-5451
Mandy Scally -
Email 318-549-5453


Asia Hicks                Email 318-549-5466    


Shanna Stanfield Email 318-549-5496


Ashley Farrar Email
Jessie Ford Email
Kristy Jackson Email
Kathleen Kerneen Email
Phil McMillian Email
Gina Prothro Email
Lacey Shelton Email
Drake Smith Email
Kyle Washington Email
Ann Williams Email