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District and State Rally

Everett Miller finished first in Chemistry and Amanda Simmons placed third in Parenthood Education at the state literary rally. Thanks to all the Bucs who participated in district and state literary rally this year. Congratulations to Everett and Amanda and their teachers of these subjects, Mrs. Weinreber and Mrs. Harp! Thanks to Ms. Hall, Mrs. Melton, and Mrs. Thompson for serving as HHS sponsors of the literary rally. 

District Literary Rally Participants (Feb. 22, 2014)
District Literary Rally Participants (Feb. 22, 2014)

Thanks to our Bucs who volunteered a Saturday to attend the district Literary Rally at La. Tech. The following Bucs placed high enough to earn a trip to the state Literary Rally on April 5:

•Advanced Math-Pre Calculus = Dustin Smith 2
•Biology = Cooper Hollis 1
•Chemistry = Everett Miller 2
•Intro To Bus. Computer = Carlos Carrillo 2
•Nutrition & Food = Dustin Wright  2
•Parenthood Education = Amanda Simmons 1
•Psychology = Megan Birdwell  2
Contact Tammy Hall  Tammy Hall (318) 549-7132 Math Teacher
Contact Amy Melton  Amy Melton (318) 549-7139 Math Teacher
Contact Russell Melton  Russell Melton (318) 549-7152 English / Football / Girls' Soccer / Rodeo / Senior Class / FCA
Contact Male Thompson  Male Thompson (318) 549-7134 Spanish teacher

District Rally

Approximately 1500 students from 18 North Louisiana parishes compete at the annual North Louisiana District Rally, which is held at La. Tech in the Spring. Testing is separated into five divisions, based on school size. Rally is held in the spring each year.

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