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Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week

S.A.D.D. (Students Against Destructive Decisions) and the Buccaneer Bookshelf team up each year to sponsor Red Ribbon Week at Haughton High School.  Several contests are promoted during the week.

Every student and teacher at HHS receives a bracelet or ribbon to wear during the week showing their dedication to being drug-free.  Thanks to all the students who participate in the contests and sign the "I Pledge to Be Drug-Free" paper links.

Winning poetry entries earn a spot on this page.

Poetry Contest Winners 2013
RRW Poetry Contest Winners 2013

Congratulations to the winners of our recent Red Ribbon Week poetry contest, sponsored by the HHS Library.  Jasmine Love won first place and $20 and Miranda Lonadier won second place and $10.  Their poems are at screen right.

RRW Poetry Contest

The Buccaneer Bookshelf invites students to enter a poem in the library-sponsored RRW poetry contest.  Entries should be 15 - 20 lines typed double spaced and are due no later than the end of 2nd lunch shift on the Thursday of RRW. 

“The Way I Am” by Jasmine Love

That’s not for me 
Whatever you’re offering 
I know you’re no good for me 
I like myself just the way I am. 
So take your drugs, 
Your alcohol, your pills. 
You’re wasting your time with me. 
I like myself just the way I am. 
I don’t care what you say. 
Peer pressure me always 
Your words are dead to me. 
I like myself just the way I am. 
Excuse me if I seem rude 
But I’m just telling you the truth. 
You’re a negative influence 
That I just don’t need 
Because I like myself just the way I am. 


“Never Again” by Miranda Lonadier

I see the syringe 
Laying on my bed. 
Filled completely 
With the deadliest drug. 
I picked it up 
And stared 
Is it worth it? 
Would anyone care? 
I glanced at my arms, 
Then to the syringe. 
Wanting a moment of complete relaxation 
I put the needle to my arm 
And held it there. 
Quickly throwing it away 
I run from the room, 
From the needle, 
Never to look back… 
At drugs…